18 Reasons Why You Don’t Ever Need To Wear Sunscreen

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Sunscreen has become one of the most popular and demanded products in the market. There is hardly any individual who moves out of their home without putting sunscreen lotions on their body. Surprisingly none of them are aware of the reasons why it is important or how it keeps them protected. Considering the fact, we have brought forth 18 reasons which shall clarify that applying, even the best sunscreen lotion is not at all important and one can survive in a better way without it.

Sunscreen is important: Big Myth

It is an absolute myth that sunscreen is important, especially when none of us are aware of its benefits

1. SPF is a lifesaver

Say no to SPF and believe us SPF is not saving you from anything harmful present in sun rays.

2. Prevents your skin shade

Interestingly various studies have brought forth the fact that individuals who apply, even the best sunscreen on daily basis, even their skin have changed to a darker shade to what was their original skin.

3. Cancerous

Sunscreen can cause cancer to individuals; hence it is highly advisable for individuals to strictly avoid it.

4. Unaware manufacturers

Sunscreens suppliers and manufacturers in the market are just selling sunscreen by fooling their customers. There is hardly any individual who can explain its concrete benefits and importance of applying it on skin during a sunny day.

5. Sunscreen is a drag

Believe us when we say that reapplying sunscreen every hour or every day is just a drag and it might make you feel irritated.

6. Sticky

While sunscreen has not many benefits to offer it leaves your skin oily and sticky for the whole day. I am sure no one of us would like to roam around with an inappropriate skin around the world.

7. Stops beautiful tan

Sunscreen prevents you from having the beautiful tan on your skin.

8. There are not too many consequences of sun

Even if you believe it or not, there are not so many consequences of the sun when compared to that of sunscreen.

9. Skin cancer

Sun is said to be the cause of skin cancer, however, if we deep dive into reality there is hardly any individual who gets affected or impacted by skin cancer.

10. Basal cell carcinoma

It is one of the bacterial infections which might impact an individual. As per skin specialists, it does not occur because of sun but is the result of chemicals or sunscreen on the skin.

11. Take the risk

Considering the impact sunscreen has, it is completely worth it to take the risk and avoid using, even, the best sunscreen lotion on the body.

12. Melanoma

Melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer which impacts an individual. This cannot be treated with sunscreen or any other lotion but needs appropriate medical care to get rid of it.

13. Sunburn is not painful

Why opt for sun bum sunscreen lotions when sunburn is not at all harmful and has no impact on your body and health.

14. Keep your feet fine

You use the sunscreen lotion or not, your feet shall remain fine and protected from harmful objects in the environment.

15. Back is also okay

No matter if you are using sunscreen lotion or not, you can stay calm that your back is well and is protected from the infection or bacteria in the environment.

16. Don’t worry about the burn

Stay away from sun bum sunscreen and never ever worry about the burn, because they are actually not going to affect you.

17. Not all skin diseases are linked to sun exposure

It is not necessary that all skin cancers or diseases are linked to sun exposure. Well, with that being the case it is not at all important to use sunscreen lotions.

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