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What Is The Most Clever Scams Ever?

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There have been various scams taking place around the world to which people have fallen prey. These were some of the cleverest scams, which were not only able to fool innocent people but have also taken wise people through the wave. To educate people on what these scams were about, we have brought some of the best and cleverest scams below.

Work from Home Scams

Work from home ads are displayed almost everywhere, be it newspapers, internet or telephone. The message on each of these ads might be different, but all of it means to offer you best earning jobs at home. These jobs also promise you of refund if the job does not work out, instead of falling into the trap the only thing one should do is run away from the scam and save yourself from it. So, I wish you not to trap into work from home scams and be very careful in your job research!

Deal With your Overweight

Weight is one of the weakening spots which makes individual fall for almost everything. You might come across various ads which claim to help you lose weight on payment of small fee. Well, believe me, it is a complete prank and all company wishes to do is sell off fake products to you which is of no use. You cannot be sure of losing much weight with these products or overweight scam, but all you can be sure of is losing your hard earned money.

Nigerian Scams

This is one of the most common scams, wherein you would find a person claiming him to be a Nigerian government official or a business person whose spouse has died and wishes to transfer millions of dollar to your account or even a Nigerian prince scam – that is also very popular. For those who respond to such email, they might even receive the official document. After that scammer shall inquire on your bank account number and also ask for some money to cover transaction cost. It is highly advisable to never fall for such scams, and it will end you up losing money in the name of transaction cost. So, please, don’t trap into those Nigerian scams 🙂

Phone Number Scam: 900

You might be trapped with a phone call or an email, wherein you will be informed of winning a lottery. However, to claim the prize, you need to call on 1-900 toll-free number. If you make a call on this number, you shall be charged a hefty amount of talking or holding on the call. Such charges will keep on appearing on your monthly bill and you would be hooked up with them unless you take necessary corrective actions for getting rid of it. Once you call on the number, you shall have the virus on your device which might automatically send messages to premium numbers which are going to charge heavy amount from you. To safeguard yourself, it is important to beware of such scammers and stay away from it all.

Money Order Overpayment Scam

It is one of the most unique scams which are performed while using money orders. Once buyer and sellers enter into a transaction, buyer claims to pay the amount using a money order. They usually claim to have made payments over and above the due amount, and ask the seller to remit excess amount. In most of the cases, sellers are fooled by providing them with fake demand drafts and against remittance of balance money made to buyers account.


Above mentioned were some of the cleverest scams which are undertaken by people across the world to fool them and make some money out of them.

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