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Which Country Is The Most Difficult To Invade?

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At present we can see the disturbances going around the Middle-East region. The fight between ISIS with other countries is always breaking the news. And God forbids we would never want to face such kinds of traumatic events. So in order to protect us from being invaded by other, we have got a strong Army.

But there are some countries which are always in tendencies of getting into war just like Israel and Palestine who are still at war, while there are some countries who are most inactive as well as remained neutral even during the World Wars like Iceland, and New Zealand etc. so here is the country Switzerland according to many defense expert  the most difficult country to be annexed.

what is the hardesst country to invade

What are The Locations Of Switzerland?

The geographical location of this country is Western-Central Europe. And it I surrounded by Austria and Liechtenstein to the East, France to the West, Germany to the North, and Italy to the South. It is a landlocked country surrounded by the Swiss Plateau, the Jura, and the Alps. And is very popular for the contribution towards the tourism sector.

How Is The Country One Of The Most Difficult Target To Be Attacked?

To invade a country the very first reason which one should actually have is the purpose of its invasion and to be successful in this mission one needs to have a very strong army. But in the case of Switzerland, this is not the case. The country lies in the western central regions of Europe that mean the entire country is surrounded by all other land masses.

Different countries surround the country from all the sides so if you have to invade it you have to invade the bordering country first. And at the present day, one cannot trouble itself in invading more than one country simultaneously.

Another most important thing for Switzerland is the most difficult country to get invaded is the geographical locations. The setting of the country is around the mountains and plateau from all the sides. Alps, Jura and Swiss plateau all stand as a natural barrier to prevent any sorts of attack from any country.

What Is The Status Of The Military Sector Of Switzerland?

what is the hardesst country to invade

There is a total of 100,000 Active personnel and 77,000 reserved personnel. It also has 224 tanks and 224 Artillery while the total number of Helicopters and Air Fighters are 43 and 63 respectively. Famous for its neutrality the country has also taken other different methods to protect himself if such types of crisis do involve.

The country has built secret bunkers, and another such infrastructure like tunnels, fortress inside the mountain and has led the wiring of entire mountains infrastructures like roads and bridges. In the case of emergency or an attack, they can simply blow it making it very difficult from the enemy side to enter the country. This is a plan adopted by the country in the 19th century to use The Alps as a plan of blocking the road.


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