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What is The Most Extreme Example of Human Willpower and Discipline?

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We have seen the people struggling for many things in order to get their goal. The life of an ordinary man is not very easy to dream something big and even if dreaming is a virtual part, in reality, that particular dream to be achieved is much more difficult. We have seen lots of people who are actually said to be one of the most unlucky charms but with the strict discipline and strong willpower they have been able to achieve their goal and were even able to make their life successful. So here are some of the inspiring stories of such persons who not only are said to be famous due to their fulfillment of their dreams but are also for their strong will power and discipline.

Sachin TendulkarWhat is The Most Extreme Example of Human Willpower and Discipline?

This man is said to be the god of a cricketer. Said to be one of the most amazing cricketer ever the world has seen. He also came from a typical mediocre family but it was his hard working and self-discipline that led him to be good sportsmen with many no. of world records. He has undefeatable records of highest runs till highest match ever played by any cricketer. At the very early age of 16 he started his career and till 24 more years, he still resisted in the ground.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul KalamDr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Born in a very poor family, this man went on becoming one of the greatest scientist ever the India has seen. Born in Rameshwaram in 1931 he was very poor and even worked as a paper hawker to earn his livelihood. But it was all due to his hard work that he became the rocket man of India. The country saw the missile being tested successfully due to his efforts. Even his speech in U.N council made him more popular. The man ended up being the President of the country and even was replying to emails of thousands of children across the country.

Konstantin Rokossovsky Konstantin Rokossovsky

He was the Soviet officer of Polish who became Poland’s Defense Minister, Marshal of Poland, and Marshal of Soviet Union. His life was also not very easy when he was in the army. He was tortured and beaten up in the jail when he was caught up. And also he was said to be given many chances to confess the truth about his Army Unit but he survived three years with constant torture and never replied and finally after mock executing him and keeping for three more years in jail he was released. He is considered to be one of the toughest army men ever the world has seen.

Vanderlei Cordeiro De LimaWhat is The Most Extreme Example of Human Willpower and Discipline?

He is a Brazilian long distance runner very popular for the attack at 2004 Athens Summer Olympics. He came from a very simple family and has been always wanted to be a successful runner which he did become. But there is another interesting incident which took place which later made him the true example of sportsmanship. In 2004 Olympics while leading the race he was stopped by a reverend who was protesting about the end of the earth. As a result, he was disturbed but ended with 3rd place. But when he finished the race he was seen very happy and later remarked bronze is same as Gold.


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