The Internet at the present day is one of the most resourceful and helpful materials we can ever get. One of the most trending as well horrible things is available on the internet, which will be later viewed by the generations to come by. I will tell you the story, wich took place in real life. The photos of this horror spread out across the world and shocked anybody who saw it.

What is The Most Horrific Picture on the Internet Ever?

Where This Event Did Took Place?

Anyway, this is one of the most horrific situation it has ever taken place in the world. 918 people committed suicide by injecting cyanide forcefully at the gun point in Jonestown Guyana.  Jonestown is the informal name for the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project. It was formed by the people’s temple which was organized by the Jim Jones. This was a religious organization meant to bring a utopian society.

Who Was Jim Jone?

Jim Jone, the founder, was a loving man and churchman who was successful in establishing a new sect of Christianity, in Indianapolis in the 1950s. His teachings and preachings were actually against racism and other such biased attitudes. As a result, many people from different race and particularly the African American joined him in his movement.

What is The Most Horrific Picture on the Internet Ever?

On the day of 18th November 1978, founder Jones himself lead hundreds of his men, women, and children to commit a mass suicide at his own agricultural commune located at one the remote part of Guyana, a South American Nation. Some of his people willingly ingested punch of poison-laced while other was forced to commit at the gunpoint. Among the death tolls, one-third were only children.

What Was The Story Behind The Guyana?

His organization facing some of the controversial financial fraud about his church he called all his fellow men to join him and settled down in Guyana where he promised to have a utopian society. Three years before his settlement already a small group of his followers has settled there. So these poor people wanting to take rest from the political disturbance as well as from the various other problems related to them moved into this part hoping to get what they were promised. But in the later period only it was found that utopian society was just a word not meaning to be created. Later these people were made to work in the fields for more hours not completely fed or taken

What is The Most Horrific Picture on the Internet Ever?

Proper care. Utopian became a dream for these people they were tortured and forced to work at farm lands under gun points. Their passports were confiscated, and no stones were left unturned to be tortured.

What Led To This Event That Is Still Considered To Be One Of The Most Horrific Events Ever Caught In Camera And Videotaped?

But in 1978 when U.S Congressman Leo Ryan, a Democrat of California traveled to Jonestown to keep the words of some his relatives repeated request to visit he saw something strange.  With the journalist his first day of visit everything went well, but on the second day of the visit, the people came complaining the congressman was attacked with a knife.

He fled the scene immediately without being hurt but was later killed while boarding the plane by the Jones hitmen’s. Smelling danger Jones then forced everyone including himself to commit suicide which created a spine-chilling horror ever the news channel covered the scenes of 918 people lying dead. The scenes of such a large individuals lying dead just as if grains will surely make your heart very weak. People lying dead holding each other hand is another disturbing image.


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