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What Is The Most Insane Thing a Human Has Survived?

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Humans are said to be one of the finest creations of God. They are mortal beings who have a risk of survival in adverse situations. Surprisingly there have been instances which have made people believe that humans can survive almost anything and that miracles do take place on earth. We have brought forth some amazing survival stories which shall make you believe about miracles and also human survival stories.

Man Survives with 12 Nails on His Head

A man in Oregon approached his doctor with the complaint of a headache. After doing X-ray it was surprisingly found out that he had 12 nails embedded in his skull. The depressed man had earlier tried to commit suicide using the nail gun, being unaware about its functionality he kept on shooting the gun leading to 12 nails in his head. Surgeons were successful in removing a nail from the brain and surprisingly no serious damage or lasting effects were reported on the patient. Truly, this is one of the most amazing stories of survival!

Mawson’s survival through Antarctic Hell

Late back on December 14, 1912, Mawson along with his colleagues began his journey back home. It was just one day more than Antarctic will allow anyone to survive, and they were still 310 miles away from home. While their return journey they were hardly left with food and drained out of energy. One of the colleagues of Mawson, Mertz died due to cold and exhaustion while Mawson continued with his journey and miraculously after defeating the Antarctic hell he was finally able to reach to his hut.


Marathon Runner Who Got Lost in the Sahara

Marathon in Sahara is considered to be the toughest footrace on the planet which requires the runner to run 156 miles in Sahara desert. This race has the most insane people competing in it. Prosperi participated in the race and decided to walk through it uninterruptedly. The time when the storm hit the place, Prosperi decided to walk instead of taking a halt and consequently he lost his direction and was left alone in the desert without directions.  The man kept preserving his food and walked in a single direction. After he was left with no food, he took the decision to heads of two bats and also slit his wrists. Surprisingly he was so dehydrated that blood got thickened and nothing at all came out from his cut wrists. For another five days the man kept walking, and finally, he was able to reach to a group of nomads which informed him that he had reached Algeria which was 130 miles away from the place where he was supposed to reach. It was a hell lot of success story which made people believe that it is almost possible for humans to survive anything and everything in this world.


Above mentioned are some of the amazing survival stories of humans that even though might seem hard to believe but they have happened all in real and have proven that humans by their fate and will surpass almost everything which comes across them in this world.

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