Kids Are Quoting Trump to Bully Their Classmates

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Surprisingly Donald Trump’s campaign has brought an alarming change in white students and their way of bullying. These kids are using words and slogans of Mr. President to bully students of Latino, Middle Eastern, and Asian origin. 50 incidents have taken place across 26 states, and the reason behind such incidents has been found to be Donald Trump’s thought and speech.

Incident of Shakopee, Minnesota

In the high school of Shakopee, Minnesota some boys gathered in Trump shirts and surrounded a black teenage girl. They sang the portion of “The star-spangled banner” and replaced the closing line with “And the home of the slaves”

Incident at San Antonio, Texas

A white eighth-grader in the school said to his Filipino classmate, that they are soon going to be deported. These lines appropriately define the mindset of students and how are they getting impacted with the philosophies of Trump.

Incident at Jacksonville, Florida

Another surprising incident took place in the stadium parking lot of the school, wherein after football game white students chanted the name of Donald Trump in front of the black students.

Impact of Donald Trump on students

After the completion of the first year of Donald Trump in the USA, it has left educators to struggle with a climate which is all about religious intolerance, name calling, racial discrimination and also misogyny. These changing political beliefs amongst students are going to get carried forward in the future as well, and it shall take the future of the country and other people towards darkness.

Students with such mindset shall become the youth of the nation and in future will get the right to vote. Hence one can easily understand as to what kind of people they will choose and what administration they will choose for their country. All in all, the racial and religious intolerance in the country is going to increase immensely and kids and individuals of the nation will talk and joke about these things only.

Corrective measurements were taken by school authorities

Antonio Lopez, assistant school superintendent in Portland said that the behavior of students is highly unacceptable and it clearly reflects the hatred in students against people of another origin. To ensure that such bullying or hatred incidences do not increases, in March he announced a plan of keeping track on bullying activities and take corrective actions to curb the same.

Lopez further mentioned that all the racist incidents keep running in his mind, out of which one was the white supremacist Jeremy Joseph Christian who stabbed three people. Two of them fatally became part of the incident, when they tried to stop racist rant raised against two teenage girls out of which one was Muslim and was wearing a headscarf.


Although there has been no concrete studies conducted on examining Trump’s impact on school bullying, various cases have come forward which clearly portrays increasing hatred amongst people of US due to Trump. Undoubtedly the presence of Trump has brought a new challenge for school authorities and principle wherein they shall have to take concrete steps to help students get rid of racism and hatred for people of other religion, caste or origin.

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