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Movies You Should Not Watch With Your Children

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It is really upsetting and sometimes awkward when you are watching a movie with your kids and some movie scenes come up making both you and your kid awkward and weird at that moment. It is always better to read the quick movie reviews before pressing the play button on the remote or buying tickets for a movie outing. Here is a list of Hollywood movies that you barely should watch with your children, but that does not mean that you should not watch them at all!

“Black Swan” (2010)


The story revolves around the two beautiful and hot Hollywood beauties, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, and the film is all about ballet. The main reason not to watch this movie with your kids is that it is a psychological thriller that comprises of numerous horror elements in the entire movie which is not something that you would like to watch with your kids. There are also some disturbing sex scenes that involve a lot of intimacy and abusive actions in the movie that would stop you from watching it with kids.

“The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” (2012)


In the beginning, the story might seem to be a simple charming story of a young man who finds the type of friends that he wanted and who are the most important people for him at this moment of life, but the writer of the film narrates the story in such an unpredictable way by disclosing all the glitz and glares, the hidden stories of the friendship that the audience were in the uppermost parts of their seats and waiting for the climax. It is an amazing film to be watched with friends instead of with children.

“Before Midnight” (2013)


If your family condition is on the verge of divorce, or God forbid, if it is you who is dealing with bad times in marriage, then this movie is a complete no-no. The film is a story of a couple that is so pissed off with their love life and the marriage and is heading to a divorce. Every dialogue and every action in the film are so brilliantly executed that you will feel to be present in every scene if you are also going through the same situation.

It has some odd scenes that you will regret after watching it with your kids. This is a different kind of a movie where there is no such solution to the couple given at the end of the story and the audience is left uncertain that whether everything is sorted out between them or not.

“Fifty Shades Darker” (2017)

It is a romantic drama where after breaking up with his girlfriend, the boy has nightmares about the abuse that he used to suffer during childhood. Where the girlfriend starts her life again with pursuing a new career in a publishing house.

The story revolves around these two people. It has a strong content of erotic sexual intimacy and some graphic nudity along with the language used in the film. It is a complete no-no to watch with kids.

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