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What Are Some Rare Historical Photos You Wouldn’t Believe Existed?

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Photos are the best way to capture special incidences of your life. With moments captured in photos, you can expect them to stay with you for a lifetime and you can relive the moments by just having a look at the photos. You might have come across several photos, but surprisingly there is some collection of photos which are really hard to believe on but have been clicked and they do exist in reality.

Dying German Soldier

Amazingly a picture was clicked off the moment when German soldier was shot dead. It is quite astounding to believe that how the photographer managed to capture the moment so appropriately.

American and Soviet soldiers together

There are hardly any pictures which portray the togetherness of soldiers of two different countries. All we get to see are the blood shedding photos of soldiers or their hatred towards each other. However, with this rare picture you will get the chance to see American and Soviet more solid together and that too with smiling faces.

Camouflage Cover

This cover was built up over the street of Berlin in order to prevent that Allies Bomber from seeing or attacking the city. It is one of the rarest scenes which were created as a defense to protect lives of the people and it captures a tough decision taken in the history.

War scene between Japanese and American army

War scenes are not only about death and blood, but it also has some breathtaking memories. One such memory has been captured in the picture below wherein American soldier is offering a cigarette to the Japanese soldier lying half buried in soil. This clearly portrays that war is not about hatred always, it also has soldiers who have human emotions within them and it due prevails with them during intense fighting scenes.

Graves of husband and wife

This historical picture is one of my favorites which portray graves of Catholic husband and Protestant wife. Due to their regional difference, their graves were not allowed to be buried together, and resultantly it led to this beautiful history. Their graves have been buried opposite to each other partitioned with the wall, but they do remain together with joining hands.

The lynching of Big Mary, a circus elephant

It is one of the most terrible pictures which portray the act of human cruelty against animals. Elephants are amongst the most intelligent animals on earth, and it is really insane to kill an animal in such an inhuman way. This picture is highly awful not only because it portrays killing of an animal, but the method which has been opted to end her life. It is hard to imagine that such an incidence took place in history and humans had the guts to actually perform it.


Above mentioned are some of the rare historical photos which really make us think if any of the incidences have happened for real. Well, these pictures are a sufficient proof and even if we believe it or not all such incidences have happened for real. With these photos, we got the chance to get an insight into the past and know what all things existed on earth to which we were unaware about.


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