Top 5 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

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Corruption is basically a major issue that affects a country’s economy, social environment and also the political environment. In addition to this, it also disrupts the entire nation’s system or country’s mechanism. The term “corruption” refers to do some illegal things in order to get personal benefits.

Some of the activities that promote corruption of a country include bribery, conspiracy, embezzlement, scandals, and forgery. Here in this article you will come across the top 5 most corrupt countries in the world, let’s do this.


the most corrupt countries

Nigeria tops the list of most corrupt countries of the world as corruption is so uncontrolled and epidemic in Nigeria that if you are asking for some help in the directions to a particular place, the local random person will ask you for a bribe. The country has a rich source of oil for which people fight to win the elections so that they can steal some of its natural resources for their own benefit.

North Korea

the most corrupt countries

North Korea belongs to some of the poorest people on the earth’s surface. The leader of the country, Kim Jung and his family has been ruling the country since ages and they have drastically worsened the condition of the nation since then. Instead of dividing the money into all sectors of development, the government and its officials are so worthless than they spend almost all the money on the country’s military warfare only.


the most corrupt countries

For the tenth year in a row, Somalia tops the third position of the most corrupt countries in the world. The unstable government is the only reason that avenue for corruption in the country. They have a bigger risk of mismanagement of funds and the major concern of the country is that the entire country has a poor education background. The people are so illiterate to even ask for their own rights and demands to the government of which they take advantage of it.


the most corrupt countries

Afghanistan is located in such a region where countries are at war all the time. This scenario has adversely affected the stability and proper functioning of the stable government. This so reason has turned the country into one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

South Sudan

the most corrupt countries

South Sudan is considered as the youngest country in the world that attains its independence since 2011. When they got their independence, it was a happy and prosperous country but all this was short lived when they came to know that they had to run the government and the infrastructure to build set in.

The country failed poorly in controlling the government structures and the ones who got elected to run the constitution took advantage of the power and their position and exploited the country resources to gain benefit. The government officials acquired benefits from the country in the worst ways and hence, South Sudan makes it all the way to be the 5th most corrupt country in the world.


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