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What Is The Greatest Single Image In Movie History?

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When we talk about the movie there comes up many great movies with much different taste and some these movies finally end up with getting an academy award or end up in failing to entertain the audience thus failing at box office. Some movies inspire us, makes us happy, makes us sad, but the main thing which movie do always help us is that it entertain us and allows us to see something not related to life.

The fictional as well real story depicted movies also allows us to know something more than we do and also sometimes teaches us many things. At present when asked which is the most stunning single image of any movie in the history then most of them replies with “The girl in the red coat in the movie Schindler’s list”.

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What Was the Movie Schindler’s List All About?

The movie is based on the true life events of Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist who saved thousands of Jews from being killed during Holocaust. His contributions in saving these people are still remembered and are considered as a messenger. He was basically a typical industrialist with the intention of earning as much profit as one can earn.

But it was after seeing the millions of innocent Jews being taken to a concentration camp to be tortured and later killing them cruelly, that he developed an idea of using these deserted Jews as a labor force in investing his business which will not only give him profits but will also save the lives of these Jews. But later he changed his mind and decided to help these innocent people.

How The Girl In The Red Coat Depicted In The Movie?

In the movie, various scenes were showed how these innocent Jews were thrown out from their homes and were forcefully taken to the concentration camp. So during one scene in Movie when Schindler was watching about the German soldiers beating, killing, and busting into the houses, then a girl is seen walking the streets wearing a red coat. As the girl walks more and more Schindlers curiously wait to see what happens next but finally she ends up hiding under a bed to save herself from being killed by German soldiers.

Then this makes Schindlers more and more worried about the conditions of the Jews. But then another movie scene he sees the ash coming up from the dead bodies of these Jews and finally sees a girl wearing the same red coat being carried in a cart to be disposed of in the same fire. This scene itself takes the entire audience to very deep silence making them see the horrible catastrophe caused by the ruthless German dictator.

How The Scene Of The Girl In Red Coat Was Later Reviewed?

This particular scene made the audience as well as the critics to know the barbaric attitudes of the German towards the Jews. And how these Jews were treated and were hated to such an extent by so-called Aryan race that they not even allowed an innocent child to survive. And another important thing about this particular scene was that it was the only color shot taken in the entire movie.


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