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What is The Weirdest Trends in the Countries?

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Present day the fashion is after all one of the trendiest gossips in the tone of every people. With none other than the glamor looks how you can impress one person and another that is what matters. After all, it is this new trend that makes you highlighted in your work as well as in parties. So here are some of the weirdest trends in some of the most popular country.

Mustang Skinline Jeans

During 2008 a sort of creepy videos started emerging where it was found that men were taking videos of themselves with a particular jeans brand called Mustang Skinline. These were high waisted jeggings and were seen that people wearing these super tight jeans were seen photographing it. It originated from Scandinavian and is still in demand.


This is a 16th-century trend which has got its life form once more in this 21st century. During Elizabethan as well as Victorian period this particular trend was one of the most popular. The aristocratic women were wearing this to add their glamor look but the trend has returned and at present, even Queen itself is seen wearing this. This hats resemblance French Musketeers, English Cavaliers and is said to have been originated from European.

Pollution Mask

At present we all know how polluted our Earth is getting on. Beijing is considered to be the polluted capital city of the world due to a high level of pollutants. But on the other hand, the pollution has never made the Chinese go backhand with the matter related to fashion. They always have been rather much trendier. For example, the mask which not only will protect them from pollution but will also create a newly designed look. It originated in Beijing and is used to get fresh air.

Mexican Pointy Boots 

This is a new trend in the city of Mexico where the boots were seen to have been manufactured by elongating the toe of boots up to 5 feet. It would be very strange if you wear this in some of the other western countries but in reality, it is one of the coolest things in Mexico. And this trend has spread to areas like Dallas, Oklahoma etc.

Animal Hair Hat

This is quite popular in Japan and has been considered to be one of the most costly fashion outlooks. Japanese pop artist Nagi Noda made this upon the same concept as fascinators. He crafted different animals shape from hair particularly and gave it a trendy look.

Extra-Ocular Implants

This is basically a new form of body modification which implies towards the eye designing. These implants involve molded shapes of various shapes like hearts, stars, Euro signs etc. being alloyed with a piece of Platinum. This implant is done by expert ophthalmologists. It was first developed in Netherland Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery. So if you want to have this then hurry up to Netherlands and get it done them smoothly.


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